Personal Injury

Injuries sustained in accidents or events caused by the negligence of another party can wreak havoc on the lives and future of victims and their families. Faced with sudden physical pain, disability, or life-threatening and life-altering medical conditions can be an emotionally and financially draining experience. A personal injury sustained in a traffic accident or through some other form of negligence may result in an almost limitless list of adverse physical conditions, from whiplash, sprains, cuts, and bruises to broken bones, loss of limbs, severe burns, organ damage, or brain and spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis, loss of motor skills, cognitive problems, and more.

In the aftermath of such injuries, it is crucial that you have experienced legal representation from an attorney who knows how to get results. At the law firm of Francis Janson Esquire, PC, our Bucks County personal injury attorney has 45 years of experience in handling all of the legal aspects of injury claims and lawsuits, from the investigative stage to the negotiation table to the courtroom.

In the information that follows, you will find links to the specific practice areas that our firm handles. Please click on the links to find out more about each type of case that we represent and the areas we serve.

Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents

Traffic accidents are the most common and leading cause of personal injury claims and lawsuits. Every year, thousands of individuals are injured on the roads and highways of our country through the negligent actions or inactions of others. Injuries may be caused by drivers who are drunk, drug-impaired, reckless, distracted by cell phones, texting, or other activities while driving, drivers who speed, disobey traffic laws, or who are inattentive. Read more about auto accidents here.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are generally at greater risk for serious injury than motorists or their passengers. When a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle, he or she has little protection from the impact or from hitting the pavement, other vehicles, or objects. Thus, serious and often catastrophic injuries can result. Click here to read more about motorcycle accidents.

Head and Spinal Cord Injuries

Head and spinal cord injuries are among the most serious that can be inflicted upon a person. Head trauma, brain injury, and spinal cord damage can result in long-term and often irreversible impairment requiring months, years, or a lifetime of medical care or personal assistance. When such devastating injuries are the result of another’s negligence, the victim has the right to financial compensation. Read more about head and spinal cord injuries.

Faulty Products

Being injured through the use or consumption of a defective or dangerous consumer product falls under the legal category of product liability. Those who are injured by using such a product for the purpose and in the manner in which it was intended may be entitled to damages from the product manufacturer, distributor, or supplier. Click here to read more about faulty products.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to a lack of standard care or a deviation from accepted medical practice at the hands of a medical professional which results in harm to a patient. Such harm or injury can be inflicted by doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, or any other medical practitioner. These types of cases can result in a wide range of injuries, from serious infections to birth injuries to surgical errors. Read more about medical malpractice here.

Work-Related Accidents On the job injuries can occur in any occupation and at any work site, from construction sites to warehouses to office buildings. Workers’ compensation covers work-related injuries, giving workers medical benefits as well as financial compensation for lost wages. In some cases, where negligence from a third party has contributed to injuries, a third party injury claim may also be filed. Read more about work-related accidents here.

Social Security Claims

Those with disabilities may be eligible for financial assistance from the federal government. Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are two of the federal programs aimed at providing financial support to the disabled. You may need legal assistance in applying for such assistance or in appealing a claim that has been denied. Click here to read more about Social Security claims.

Areas We Serve

Our Langhorne personal injury attorney serves clients throughout Bucks County who have suffered injuries in accidents or incidents where another party was negligent, reckless, careless, or who engaged in deliberate wrongdoing. We represent clients in Langhorne, Bristol, Chalfont, Doylestown, Morrisville, Perkasie, and Quakertown. Click here to read more about areas we serve.

If you or someone you know has been injured in and around Bucks County, we encourage you to contact our firm to arrange for a consultation about your situation at your earliest convenience. We strive to provide the most accessible and personalized legal service available to the community, including home and hospital visits.

Contact the Bucks County personal injury lawyer at the firm if you have been injured in an accident or incident through negligence today.