Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating or deadly in the degree of injury that can be involved for the motorcyclist. These types of accidents pose a high risk for severe injuries such as head trauma, brain injuries, internal organ damage, loss of limbs, severe burns, disfigurement, multiple fractures, spinal cord damage, and an almost endless list of other impairments. Often, these types of catastrophic injuries are life-threatening and result in permanent disabilities which will affect the injured individual for life.

Because of the potential damage that may be involved, it is crucial for those injured in motorcycle accidents to find skilled legal representation. You will want an attorney who knows how to present the most comprehensive and effective injury claim possible, to ensure that your future needs are met. You will find such an attorney at the law firm of Francis Janson Esquire, PC. As a Langhorne personal injury attorney with decades of experience and deep roots into the local community, Mr. Janson provides a level of legal representation that is exceptionally accomplished, accessible, and capable.

Bucks County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Following a motorcycle accident, it is important to retain legal representation quickly so that evidence can be gathered and preserved before it is lost, forgotten, or ignored. You will also want someone to deal with the insurance carrier involved, to ensure that your legal rights and interests are protected and advanced, while you focus on recovering your health and moving on with your life. You may not be aware of all of the legal damages to which you may be entitled; that is where an experienced and tenacious attorney can play an important part. Our firm has the knowledge and experience needed to help you recover the maximum compensation in damages that may be available to you with a comprehensive injury claim.

Contact the Langhorne motorcycle accident lawyer at the firm following a negligence-based accident in or around Bucks County today.