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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury caused by the negligence of a third party in Bristol, you may have questions and concerns about how to proceed in pursuing compensation for damages. Under personal injury law, you may have grounds for an injury claim or lawsuit which would entitle you to monetary reparations for such damages as your past and future predicted medical expenses, your loss of wages or earnings, future loss of earnings, property damage to your vehicle, and non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

By discussing your case with the Bristol personal injury lawyer at the law firm of Francis Janson Esquire, PC, you can learn what your legal o ptions are and the proper course of action needed. Mr. Janson, who has been practicing law for 45 years, has an abundance of legal experience and knowledge in this field. Your injuries may have stemmed from an auto accident, motorcycle accident, through using a faulty product, a work-related accident, or from medical malpractice. We also represent those whose lives have been permanently damaged by head and spinal cord injuries and those disabled individuals seeking federal benefits through Social Security claims.

Whatever the circumstances of your injuries, we recommend that you contact our firm to arrange to talk to our experienced and skilled attorney about your situation as soon as you can so that we can begin preparing your claim for damages today. The sooner you contact us, the more effective we can be in gathering and preserving important evidence and information to ensure that your claim is presented in the most competent and convincing manner for the most favorable results.

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