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Our firm specializes in helping those in need of personal attention and care from their lawyer and his office staff. We pride ourselves on being available for consultations and updates whenever needed as well as being able to make house and hospital visits, if you are unable to travel to our office.

Our Lawyer

Francis Gerard Janson, Esq.

Francis Gerard Janson, Esquire, established our Langhorne office in 1973 in order to serve the Philadelphia and the Bucks County area in matters of personal injury actions, motor vehicle accidents, estates, wills, real estate, and domestic issues.

Throughout his 49 year career, Francis has been a supporter of many local community groups and youth sports teams. An avid gardener and landscaper, Mr. Janson is often remembered by his clients as the “seed lawyer” due to his practice of sending out hand selected plant and flower seeds seasonally and on his client’s birthdays.

Prior to starting his private practice, Mr. Janson was a Public Defender for the City of Philadelphia, acting as Chief of the Major Trials Division. Francis was also the Legal Director of the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Philadelphia.

Francis Gerard Janson is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania where he studied Psychology. Francis received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School as well. Francis raised his family in Bucks County and is the proud father of three children.

Mr. Janson was a paratrooper in the United States Army as a member of the 101st Airborne Division before he entered the law profession.

Our Staff

Cathy Barlow, M.A.

Ms. Barlow joined the Janson Law Firm in 1995. As the Group Administrator for our office, Ms. Barlow oversees client intake, claims processing, and general business administration.

For over fifteen years, Cathy has fostered a personal and welcoming attitude in the office so that clients feel that they are able to call or stop by at any time for an update with their case

A native of Philadelphia, Ms. Barlow is a graduate of Temple University and has a Masters in Humanities from the University of Pennsylvania. Cathy is an avid volunteer in our community and has taught Mathamatics at Mercer County Community College. Ms. Barlow is the proud mother of three children and lives in Bucks County.

Jim Conger

Jim Conger joined the law firm in 1996. As our firm’s Claims Consultant, Mr. Conger oversees all insurance claims and negotiations. He has worked in the insurance industry for over 40 years and has dealt with all of the major firms. Mr. Conger has a detailed knowledge of the workings of this sector.

Julie BlackShire

Julie Blackshire joined the Janson Law Firm in 1999. Ms. Blackshire is well versed in Personal Injury matters. She manages personal injury cases from start to settlement. Julie’s expertise in dealing with insurance companies allows each client to receive personal and accurate attention to their case. Julie’s ability to understand client needs and provide exceptional service has allowed her to make sure that your case is being handled with the utmost attention to detail from our firm’s legal and insurance professionals.

Ms. Blackshire is attentive to detail and calendars each case so that it is reviewed on a regular basis. Clients feel that they can call or stop by and ask Julie questions about their case including about how they will get their medical bills paid or their car fixed. Ms. Blackshire is a graduate of Manor Junior College and lives in Bucks County.

Linda S. Beck, R.N.

Ms. Beck joined the Janson Law Firm in 2008. Linda is a registered Nurse and has a vast knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical issues and is able to listen to client’s talk about their injuries and help our legal staff to determine the best course of action. Linda’s tenacity and regard for detail gives our office the extra advantage of knowing Linda is on your case.

Ms. Beck comes to the office with a kindness and intelligence that clients immediately relate to and feel comfortable. Linda is a graduate of The College of New Jersey. She is the proud mother of three boys and currently lives in Bucks County.

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